YURINA OKADA Solo Exhibition “Walk in a dream”

2021.07.24 – 2021.08.22

YURINA OKADA Solo Exhibition “Walk in a dream”

YURINA OKADA Solo Exhibition

“Walk in a dream”

July 24 (Sat) – August 22 (Sun), 2021
12:00-19:00, Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

ARTDYNE is pleased to present “Walk in a dream,” a solo exhibition of Yurina Okada from July 24 (Sat) to August 22 (Sun), 2021. Born in 1995 in Hyogo, Japan, Yurina Okada is a young artist living in Kyoto who completed the painting course at the Kyoto University of Art and Design in March 2020.

Okada, who majored in oil painting at university, began taking photographs after receiving a Cheki camera as a gift from a friend. Cheki prints, which are a starting point for Okada, have a presence as an object that is completely different from digital prints, and their unique texture is common to Okada’s current works. In addition, the technique of directly transferring a photograph onto modeling paste and inserting cracks into it has both a posteriori and coincidental characteristics, as the full picture is not revealed until the finished work is completed. This technique raises a new concept of the relationship between the person and the photograph, and at the same time acquires a physicality and temporality. The beautiful monotone gradation of the print and the rippling of the modeling paste with a sense of humidity create a sense of gravity, while the rough surface with cracks creates “lightness” and “fluctuation of the eye”, giving the work a flexible depth. The sublimity of Okada’s works can be regarded as an expression of the “pleasure” of the harmony between technique and chance, and his “love” for his subjects. Through his photography, Okada presents us with a new way of looking at things, moving back and forth between two and three dimensions, flatness and space.

In this exhibition, nine new works will be exhibited and sold. This is the first solo exhibition of Yurina Okada in Tokyo, and we hope that you will take this opportunity to see and learn more about her work.




Born in 1995 in Hyogo, Japan.
Completed the painting course at Kyoto University of Art and Design in March 2020.
Currently working in Kyoto City.

Exhibition history
2021   “Up_01”, Ginza Tsutaya GINZA ATRIUM, Tokyo
2021   “Collectors’ Collective vol.4 Osaka” TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka
2021   “y-Generation VII,” Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo
2021   “ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO 2021,” The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
2021   “exhibition I” biscuit gallery, Tokyo
2021   “exhibition from shu” y gion, Kyoto
2021   “It’s gonna be AWESOME!” YOD Editions, Osaka
2020   “The sun is shining brilliantly, and it’s the season when we tend to get sick from the heat, but please have a regular and healthy day. Exhibition,” Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo
2020   “SHIBUYA STYLE VOL.14” Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo
2020   “Collectors’ Collective vol.3” MEDEL GALLERY SHU, Tokyo
2019   “The Art of Color DIOR 2019” GRANDE HALLE, PARC DES ATELIERS, ARLES, France
2018   “ART AWARD MARUNOUCHI 2018 Exhibition” Miyuki-dori Underground Gallery, Tokyo

2019   “The Art of Color DIOR 2019” Selected, France
2018   “ART AWARD MARUNOUCHI 2018” Shigeo Goto Prize
2017   “TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD#7” Shigeo Goto Award

Permanent Exhibition
Starbucks Kyoto BAL/Kyoto, Hotel Anthem Naha/Okinawa

Artist Statement
My work is made up of uncontrollable one-offs and coincidences.
By transferring images onto materials and cracking them, I give movement to the objects in the photographs.
By modifying the relationship between the person and the photograph, and by searching for a truly new way of seeing, the photograph and I are connected.
This is a challenge to myself and a new approach to photography.
Yurina Okada