MA JIAHAO Solo Exhibition ”Involution society”

2021.04.29 – 2021.05.16

MA JIAHAO Solo Exhibition ”Involution society”

Dust Shoulder Rubbing Back”, 2021, 17.0 x 10.4 x 0.5 cm, plastic figure model, enamel paint

ARTDYNE is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Ma Jiahao “Involution society” from April 29 to May 16, 2021.

He was selected for the 4th CAF Award, the 22nd Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art, and the Ichiro Fukuzawa Award when he graduated from Tama Art University.
The young up-and-coming artist Ma Jiahou was born in 1996 in Xi’an (Chang’an, the ancient capital of the People’s Republic of China), and has steadily built up his career, holding two solo exhibitions in Japan and actively participating in group exhibitions. He has consistently addressed issues that lie between the individual and the collective, and in a recent two-person exhibition, he became a “tourist” himself, cutting through the cultural differences between Japan and China.

In the recent two-person exhibition, he put himself in the position of a “tourist” to cut through the cultural differences between China and Japan. In this exhibition, Ma focused on the subconscious mind of people who feel that their existence is at stake if they are not better than others, as the new corona epidemic has caused people to become more introverted. This unconscious desire to excel is easily combined with competition among nations, leading to unnecessary competition and quarrels, as well as the start of wars. In this exhibition, using the small plastic models of the human body that are synonymous with his work, he attempts to recreate the confusion of contemporary society by using human figures that have been stripped of their torso and densely implanted, as well as compressed and deformed assemblages of human figures. We will exhibit about 10 works including three-dimensional and plate works. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition.

1. Information on the admission system for this exhibition.
In order to express the “Involution society” in this exhibition, visitors will be allowed to enter the venue one at a time.
If there are other visitors waiting, there will be a five-minute time limit. You can reserve a time at the entrance of the venue.
In order to realize the concept of the exhibition and avoid congestion, we ask for your cooperation.

2. The exhibition period may be changed depending on the spread of the new coronavirus. Please check our gallery website and SNS for the latest information. Thank you very much for your cooperation.



Born in 1996 in Xi’an, China Arrived in Japan in 2015


Entered Tama Art University, Department of Oil Painting


Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Oil Painting Currently working in Saitama, Japan

Solo Exhibition


Solo exhibition “setting a field ablaze” (TAV GALLERY)


First solo exhibition “Dust Storm (PM2.5)” (TAV GALLERY)

Group Exhibition


“What are you doing in 여기? (TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY)


Tokyo Five Art University Exhibition (The New National Museum, Tokyo)


Group Exhibition “mid core” (TAV GALLERY)



Ichiro Fukuzawa Award, Winner


The 22nd Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art, Honorable Mention


Selected for the 4th CAF Award

Artist Statement

Since last year, the world has fallen into a nerve-wracking, internalized state of mind, and the battle against further others is repeated every day.
We all have moments when we want to be better than others. You don’t have to work that hard, but the desire to compare yourself with others and “win” makes people compete with each other. We get impatient when we see how hard others are working, and we become more and more obsessed with the idea that we have to work harder and harder. The vortex of “competition” grows larger and larger, and soon the whole society is involved. Historically, people have been on the path to war as a result of fierce competition born from the desire to win, mixed with anxiety and a sense of danger.
Politics, economics, war, and the “competitive society” that exists therein. These concepts exist on the basis of the human collective. My work raises the issue between the individual and the collective.
This exhibition visualizes this relationship between society, the individual and the collective. Small models of dolls are displayed on all the walls of the exhibition space, and a work representing the “collective” is placed in the center, constituting a “society”. The individual works will begin to compete with each other with their own problems, and one day the entire exhibition space will become a virtual “competitive society.
In order to express the “Involution society,” admission will be limited to one person at a time. If there is another visitor, the viewing time will be 5 minutes. Re-entry is allowed.